BAM 2013 – Geekless HTML

Thank you for attending this session and for learning about HTML! Hopefully this has wet your appetite for more. Here are some more resources on HTML:

  • W3Schools ( – Great site as both an HTML reference and for doing tutorials. Check out the Try It Yourself feature!
  • WordPress ( and – WordPress is an easy way to build and maintaing a web site and blog. provides the ability to setup a free blog and, if nothing else, try somethings out for free! has even more information on WordPress, which you can run on a web site. (I can even set one up for you at a very reasonable cost 🙂 )
  • John2Enterprises ( – Okay, its not much to look at now, but as summer comes it will be!
  • Just Enough ( – Okay, this is even less but there is a chance to get free books by reading early copies. Send me an e-mail at if you are interested.

Here is a summary of the Top 5 HTML Tricks:

5.Embedding YouTube Videos